My name is Charlotte. I am your typical 29 year old. I like bright lipsticks, spending too much time on instagram, reading Ya ... and I am going through the menopause!

Ok, so maybe I am not so typical. Let me explain.

Having being diagnosed with IBS since I was 13, when I hit 19 I suddenly started having lots of abdominal pain. I have spent the last 10 years undergoing surgeries. My gallbladder has been removed, I have had six cysts removed from my ovaries, my left ovary and fallopian tube have been removed and I am currently waiting to have a total hysterectomy and removal of my right ovary. I also currently have another huge cyst on my right ovary.

I have spent the bast few years battling with this, Consultants arguing over whether it is or isn't endometriosis, falling down the deep hole of depression and trying to achieve my ultimate dream of becoming a Nurse.

Chronic Illness feels like a lonely place sometimes and while I do talk about it on my instagram, I wanted a place to document everything. To talk to other spoonies and document what I am trying. Yesterday I had my first GNRH Injection which has put me into menopause. I cant keep undergoing surgery but the menopause brings with it higher cardiac risks, depression, risk of osteoporosis and so I need to start looking at my diet and exercise to calm my symptoms. So welcome to my blog and I hope to be posting at least weekly!! 



  1. Aww bless you I have M.E and Fibromialgia aswell as anexiety but you poor girl so much to deal with so young, stay strong xx


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