Monday 28th October.

Its amazing how a little touch of lipstick and a nice outfit can make you feel. I spent the weekend in the hospital and most of last week on the sofa in my PJs. I got dressed only when absolutely necessary. Today though I had to pop to the post office to pick up a parcel that I missed over the weekend, and decided to make the most of getting dressed and as superficial as this sounds it has really boosted my mood. My fatigue levels are ridiculous at the moment and so I know that over the next few weeks (and maybe months until I have my operation) I will need to take things slowly, and probably still spend a chunk of each day on the sofa watching trash TV I am going to try and make it my mission to take myself out each day and get some fresh air and move my body.

My appetite is ridiculously low, and thats strange to me. I cant get myself to eat in the mornings and I am slightly worried because I know i need to make sure I get all my nutrients as I am at high risk of Osteoporosis now.

Tuesday 29th October.

Today I had to go out again to the post office and it has genuinely used all my energy. I met my lovely friend Rebecca for coffee and we put the world to rights as usual. If you are local, do check out Orso Coffee, they are fantastic. I used far too much energy pushing myself walking round town though and its now 6pm and I am considering going to bed! All I have eaten today is eggs on toast though so I am going to go and make myself a bowl of porridge with apple and blueberries, but if anyone has meals that will nourish me with such a small appetite ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday 30th October

Its 5pm.

I have just got in from a few hours volunteering which has knackered me out but was so worth it, and I am grateful to have remembered that this morning I took some soup out of the freezer to eat. That means for the first time this week I have had two good meals. Breakfast was an egg, spinach and courgette wrap. My pain has kicked in a bit now though, and there was so much I wanted to write today but I'm going to get me a heat pack, some diclofenac and so crappy TV I think. Oh and take my Menopace vitamins. I currently have no idea if they are working but hey ho. 

Thursday 31st October

I slept for 12 hours last night. I am still tired. Thats a symptom right?

Saturday 2nd November

I spent most of yesterday on the sofa, and after going out for lunch this morning I am now back on the sofa. Mentally I am thinking about things too much, things that I have no control over. I am busy the next few weeks but I need to prioritise some self care too. I have been doing really well at nourishing my body with lots of green veg, soup and eggs! I am trying to find symptom management that is weight neutral and its really difficult! So far, the best advice I can find is no spicy food, no caffeine and plenty of calcium! I need to up my weight bearing exercise but I am struggling to have the energy. So any tips on that would be appreciated!

Sunday 3rd November

They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content, and while I am not sure about the latter, my Sunday was well spent. This morning we went to see Farmaggedon at the cinema and I probably laughed more than any of the young children in there! This week has been fantastic and tough all at the same time. I have found that I don't have a lot of energy but if I plan my days right I can live a semi normal life. For example, I cant plan anything too early in the morning and after about 6pm I need to be in my pyjamas winding down, but I am honestly grateful for those 6/7 hours in between when I can be active and give off the illusion that I am living a normal life.

This week I am going to Cardiff for the SIO conference and I am really nervous! My plan is to spend the evening before chilling in my hotel room, no matter how tempting it is to go out and have a couple of drinks with the others. One of the themes of the conference is Invisible Illness though! I also have my appointment with my consultant and so fingers crossed were a step closer to the surgery!

Anyway thats me signing off until next week!!

Yours Truly

Charlotte - The Menopausal Millennial